Sunday, 5 March 2017

(First!) Luna Wolves Pt.1

Greetings, internet!

This is my first post on a blog, and my first blog. Phew. Much newness going on over here.

My submission to the vast void of the 'net is the following;

Reinforcements! Praise the Warmaster.
These guys were ordered from a guy in Cape Town last year for a sweet deal. Two boxes of the Betrayal at Calth set (one pair of HQ's missing but I didn't mind). This to go along with the single new box I have make the core of my battle company.

Total: (from the blue ones)
60 Tacs
10 Termies
2 Contemptors
1 Termie Praetor
1 Chaplain

They are painted Smurf Blue but that is relatively easy to fix. An overspray of (black) Vallejo Surface Primer then a follow up  if the Light Grey sorts that problem out.

No toilet seats to be seen here.
As you can see on the marine in the foreground, I'm using  the FW Mk.2/3(???) heads because they look like the helms from my favourite LW picture:

(image courtesy of Games Workshop/Black Library)
The crest is from Anvil Industries ( Unfortunately, those head swaps are expensive, so I needed to figure out something to do with the blue guys who will not be receiving an upgrade....

Boom! Topknots make everything better.
I mainly play 40k, but want to try out some 30k. My intention was always to have a pre-heresy Luna Wolf themed army, so these guys will be painted as such. I have already basecoated and converted a squad (as can be seen from the second picture) and future posts will go through converting, painting and general showing off.

C&c welcome.

Kill for the living!
Kill for the dead!